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IRTIS members are researchers at the Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. Our members' institutional background covers a wide range of workplaces at Masaryk University, namely:

Team management


Team members



David Šmahel

  • online risks and opportunities for children and adolescents
  • online identities
  • virtual relationships
  • online addiction
  • IT security from perspective of users
  • online research methods
  • well-being

Associate professors (docents)

Hana Macháčková

  • online aggression
  • cyberbullying 
  • online communities
  • self-disclosure online
  • credibility of online information
  • online civic engagement

Martin Vaculík

  • job performance
  • ICT use
  • recovery
  • psychological capital
  • gamification

Postdoc researchers

Jiří Čeněk

  • validation of cross-cultural scales
  • cross-cultural perception and cognition
  • eye-tracking

Lenka Dědková

  • parental mediation
  • online relationships
  • meeting online strangers offline
  • online research methodology
  • online security

Hayriye Güleç

  • e-mental health
  • psychotherapy research and assessment in eating disorders
  • discrimination, stigma, and representation of disadvantaged groups
  • adolescents' online health information-seeking behaviors

Tomáš Kratochvíl

  • positive psychology
  • recovery experience
  • wellbeing
  • job performance
  • gamification

David Lacko

  • cross-cultural research
  • statistics and psychometrics
  • video games and video streaming research

Michal Mužík

  • statistics and psychometrics
  • civic engagement
  • political socialization

Vojtěch Mýlek

  • interactions between adolescents and unknown people from the internet
  • ICTs and adolescent well-being

Martina Novotná

  • political participation
  • cross-cutting discussions
  • incivility
  • intolerance

Jaromír Plhák

  • assistive technologies
  • modelling and simulation
  • machine learning

Michal Tkaczyk

  • media, adolescent sleep and well-being
  • models of journalism in Czech press
  • analysis of media and communication content

Shanu Shukla

  • media multitasking
  • cognitive & affective factors in online interaction
  • online aggression
  • online research methods
  • well-being

Junior researchers

Jana Blahošová

  • online risks and opportunities
  • excessive internet use
  • technological and online addictions

Barbora Honusová

  • Digital parenting
  • Parental mediation
  • Adolescents' information management strategies
  • Work-related stress of journalists

Nikol Kvardová

  • Social media and body image
  • Body shaming online
  • Anonymity in the computer-mediated communication
  • Media effects on well-being
  • Development of measuring scales

Filip Kyslík

  • video games
  • measurement of gaming experience
  • online video streaming

Ondřej Sotolář

  • innovative data collection methods
  • data mining & result aggregation

Adéla Švestková

  • ICTs and adolescent well-being
  • literature review and theory synthesis

Natálie Terčová

  • digital skills of children and adolescents
  • sharenting, AI and online privacy
  • e-health literacy
  • risky and addictive behavior

Tomáš Vojtíšek

  • research application in public policy
  • efficacy of mindfulness-based interventions
  • psychology of leadership
  • anonymity in online communication

Other members


Hana Drtilová

  • digital technologies and eating disorders
  • ICTs and psychotherapy

Steriani Elavsky

  • health psychology
  • psychology of physical activity
  • well-being/quality of life
  • health behavior change
  • adult development and aging
  • women's health
  • mind-body modalities (e.g., yoga)

Anke Görzig

  • bullying (online, social exclusion, identity-based)
  • online aggression
  • social inequality
  • stereotyping and discrimination
  • well-being
  • cross-national comparisons

Lenka Knapová

  • usable security
  • psychology of physical activity
  • health psychology

Alena Macková

  • political communication
  • activism
  • political participation
  • new media
  • campaigns

Jakub Macek

  • new media users and audiences
  • audience ethnography
  • media and technological subcultures
  • media in civic and political participation

Jan Šerek

  • political psychology
  • civic and political socialization in adolescence and young adulthood

Previous irtis members

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