Protecting Children’s Data Online

5 Feb 2019

Preliminary results of the EU Kids Online survey for Safer Internet Day 2019 were released. Read the whole press release here.

The press release provides results from the EU Kids Online IV survey, where data from nationally representative samples of 9-17-year-old children in five European countries so far —Estonia, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, were analyzed. Survey results from a total of fourteen European countries where we collected data in 2017/2018 from nationally representative samples are coming out soon. The press release focuses only on data protection and e-safety issues for the five countries where the survey analyses have already been completed.

Authors: David Smahel, Tijana Milosevic, Sonia Livingstone, Elisabeth Staksrud, Veronika Kalmus, Giovanna Mascheroni, Pavel Izrael, Uwe Hasebrink.

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