IRTIS Continues Tradition of Supporting Animals at Brno Zoo

We continue in our tradition of financially supporting animals at ZOO Brno. While last year we financially supported wolves, this time, most people voted for the cute and captivating Llama Vicuna. Read more to see the photos from our recent visit to the zoo, where we said hi to Vicuna and many other animals.

19 Jun 2023 Michaela Lebedíková

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In IRTIS, we care about animals. This year we voted to financially support llama vicuna (Vicugna vicugna), a species native to the Andean highlands of South America, primarily found in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. These funny creatures are known for their soft, fine wool, which has been prized for centuries. However, their population has faced significant threats due to hunting and habitat loss.

Last week, part of our IRTIS team took the opportunity to visit Brno Zoo and meet the llama vicunas we have been supporting. Apart from llamas, we were also captivated by the red panda, kangaroos, meerkats, safari, and many other features of the ZOO - just see in the gallery!

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