Our team has published the new book “Living in the digital age: Self-presentation, networking, playing, and  participating in politics”.

This book reflects the current issues in today‘s life in society which are influenced by digital media. In four parts, the book focuses on the field of online self-presentation and creating an impression; online networking among young people; digital betting and gaming; and political participation in the digital era. These topics are described using the latest research from the fields of psychology, sociology, media studies, and political science. The book explains and corrects many preconceived myths regarding the use of the Internet and digital media, such as online pornography, encounters with strangers from the Internet, and playing online games. It is intended primarily for researchers, teachers, and students who are interested in the themes of life in the digital age. There may also be benefit for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and those who work with people who are somehow threatened via the Internet.

Please cite this book as:

Lorentz, P., Smahel, D., Metykova, M., & Wright, M. F. (Eds.). (2015). Living in the digital age: Self-presentation, networking, playing, and  participating in politics. Brno: Muni Press.

You can download the whole book for free here or you can download single chapters below.


About the Editors
Introduction (Monika Metykova, David Smahel, Pascaline Lorentz, Michelle F. Wright)

Section 1: Self-Presentation and Impression Management in the Digital Age (Michelle F. Wright)
“Fraped” Selves: Hacked, Tagged, and Shared Without Permission. The Challenges of Identity Development for Young People on Facebook (Monica Barbovschi, Anca Velicu)
The Educational Dimension of Pornography: Adolescents’ Use of New Media for Sexual Purposes (Laura E. Simon, Kristian Daneback, Anna Ševčíková)
The Role of the Media and Cyber Context in Adolescents’ Pursuit of Popularity (Michelle F. Wright)

Section 2: Online Networking among Youths (David Smahel)
Online Communities and Early Adolescents (Hana Machackova)
Stranger Is Not Always Danger: The Myth and Reality of Meetings with Online Strangers (Lenka Dedkova)
Children’s Privacy Management on Social Network Sites (Hana Machackova, Martina Cernikova, David Smahel, Zuzana Ocadlikova)

Section 3: Gaming and Playing Digitally (Pascaline Lorentz)
Live Online Betting: The Answer to Every Gambler’s Wish (Šárka Licehammerová)
The Risks of Online Gambling for Younger Males: Insights from Czech National Surveys (Anastasia Ejova, Šárka Licehammerová, Pavla Chomynová, Zuzana Tion Leštinová, Viktor Mravčík)
Playing Massively Multiplayer Online Games: A Dangerous Time-Consuming Leisure? (Pascaline Lorentz)

Section 4: Participating in Politics (Monika Metykova)
Czech Politicians Go Online: Is this e-Democracy or Just a Campaign Move? (Alena Macková)
New Media, Old Inequalities: Technological Fixes, National Containers, and the Roma (Monika Metykova)
Social Media and Diffused Participation (Jakub Macek)


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