Cyberpsychology published new summer issue

12 Jul 2019

Cyberpsychology is happy to present a summer issue with seven new and exciting articles covering a wide range of topics.

You can read about the exploration of the effect of an online simulation game on attitudes about poverty, about adolescents' perceptions of digital's media potential to elicit conflict in romantic relationships, or about passive social networking site use effect on well-being - to name a few subjects.

You can find all of the seven articles at the Cyberpsychology journal website and they are also listed below.

We wish you a pleasant reading and a relaxing summer!

Experiencing poverty in an online simulation: Effects on players’ beliefs, attitudes and behaviors about poverty
Pedro Hernández-Ramos, Christine M. Bachen, Chad Raphael, John Ifcher, Michael Broghammer

Investigating differences in the attention distribution strategies of high and low media multitaskers through a two-dimensional game
Daniel B. le Roux, Douglas A. Parry

Adolescents’ perceptions of digital media’s potential to elicit jealousy, conflict and monitoring behaviors within romantic relationships
Joris Van Ouytsel, Michel Walrave, Koen Ponnet, An-Sofie Willems, Melissa Van Dam

The dynamics of public opinion following terror attacks: Evidence for a decrease in equalitarian values from Internet Search Volume Indices
Jais Troian, Thomas Arciszewski, Themistoklis Apostolidis

Passive social networking site use and well-being: The mediating roles of social comparison and the fear of missing out
Kaitlyn Burnell, Madeleine J. George, Justin W. Vollet, Samuel E. Ehrenreich, Marion K. Underwood      

Tailoring persuasive technology: A systematic review of literature of self-schema theory and transformative learning theory in persuasive technology context
Piiastiina Tikka, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen

Motivation for Exergame Play Inventory: Construct validity and relationship to game play
Amanda E. Staiano, Marc A. Adams, Gregory J. Norman

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